NDB's successful rehabilitation and transformation has resulted in achieving exceptional outcomes that have never been achieved since its inception. The strong leadership of the new Board and management that took over its control in 2004 has turned NDB to stability and profitability. Now, NDB is an agile institution that continues to improve on its present and moves with innovation and dynamism toward an ever stronger future.

NDB's reputation as the people's bank remains as formidable as ever. Through consistant Government support, it builds up an increasing capacity to provide lending services that is affordable and accessible to a larger number of indigenous business sector. It maintains its strategic focus on its principal markets, notably the agriculture sector - consisting of the indigenous companies and the small and medium-sized enterprises - and the microfinance market. Its expanding institutional strengths, customer-driven delivery mechanisms and value-added products and services hold the key to its successful business relationships with customers. Through strategic partnerships with the National Government and Provincial Governments, NDB is positioning for future growth and strategic expansion.

By looking ahead to help the indigenous business class get ahead and by continuous improvements in its strategic competence to better serve its principal markets and providing increased value in its product and service offerings. NDB moves on from strength to greater strength.


The National Development Bank Limited exists to provide accessible banking and demand-driven financial services with special emphasis on the rural sector in a viable and sustainable manner.


To become the pride of our nation by empowering indigenous Papua New Guineans to reclaim their birth right whilst delivering the highest value to all stakeholders and to become the leading development bank in the South Pacific.


The Bank’s renewed mission is to provide a sustainable supply of financial services including development credit that;


The Bank’s renewed mission is to provide a sustainable supply of financial services including development credit that;

  • Uphold Christian values
  • Professionalism & integrity
  • Innovativeness
  • Responsibility & responsiveness
  • Value-adding
  • Responsible Corporate Entity
  • Employer of choice
  • Meet & exceed customer expectations
  • Teamwork throughout the organization