The meri blouse is without a doubt a clothing preference for many local women that can be worn formally or casually, any time of the day and at any occasion. It is also a thriving business for many local women who make a living from sewing and selling this timeless piece of clothing that has evolved over time.
The growing demand and competitive market for meri blouses has pushed the boundaries for the level of creativity in terms of styles and designs and choices of colours and fabrics with special attention to detail.
MA Clothing (MAC) is no exception when it comes to creating meri blouses. Their outlet located at the Stret Pasin Bisnis Incubation Centre at Kunai Street, Hohola offers a wide range of meri blouses that are passionately sewn by hand to suit females of all sizes.  
What makes MAC a standout from its other competitors is its combination of modern and simple designs and competitive pricing ranging from as low as K30.
Their tasteful selection of fabrics are carefully handpicked and purchased locally and from Indonesia and transformed into beautiful garments that are stylish and comfortable to wear.
Quality is also an added trait for MAC and is something the aspiring SME business looks at when creating their clothing line so the meri blouses can be worn for a longer period of time. To complement their selection of meri blouses, MAC also sells a variety of shoes, hand bags, purses and fashion accessories, making it the ideal one stop shop for all women.
They also offer a selection of clothing for men and children.

To see their range of meri blouses, accessories and more please visit their shop at SPBIC or like and visit their Facebook page, MA Clothing PNG.

MA Clothing shop at the Stret Pasin Bisnis Incubation Centre at Kunai Street Hohola