NDB Warriors club volunteer to show appreciation

The NDB Warriors’ club members have volunteered to carry out a weekly cleanathon as a show of appreciation towards NDB’s support.

This initiative came about after the club was given support in the form of merchandise through NDB’s corporate social responsibility initiative.

Formerly Gute club, now NDB Warriors comprises mainly of youths from the Moresby South electorate of Port Moresby with divisions of an A & B grade team for men & B grade team for women. The club participates in the Hohola Rugby off season competition at the EP Park which is held from November to January annually. The team is delighted for NDB’s support for this year’s competition round.

NDB Warriors team coach, Steven Johns said, “The team was formed purposely to engage youths from this electorate to participate in sports in order to avoid taking part in petty crimes.”

He added that the team’s initiative of voluntary cleanathon was something that the team came up with themselves and that it showed how sports engagement has built the members of the club.

The cleanathon has been proposed to be carried out every Thursday weekly throughout the month of December.