The Package

A mysterious package landed one morning on Mr. Liu’s table with an airmail sicker among other details inscribed on the parcel that indicated that it had come from overseas.

Mr. Liu who had arrived at the office at his usual time and in high spirits, ready to take on another hectic day, noticed a rather strange looking parcel placed at the centre of his table as he entered his office.

Unbeknownst to him, Mr. Liu glared at the parcel in perplexity as he tried to gather his thoughts on whom the parcel could have been from and what could possibly be contained inside the package. Not even his Secretary, Veronica had the slightest clue what the contents were but whatever is was, definitely needed to be checked out.

Unable to contain his curiosity, Mr. Liu carefully opened the package and much to his surprise, he found a book and letter that was addressed to him from someone who resided in Indooroopilly in Brisbane, Queensland Australia.

The letter read:

“Dear Sir, Book on the Papua and New Guinea Development BankI am pleased to attach a copy of the book entitled “Meeting the Challenge – The Papua and New Guinea Development Bank 1967 – 1980.”

This book was edited by a former Managing Director of the PNG Development Bank. Rodney Cole, and is forwarded to you at his request. It contains contributions from a number of ex-staff of that Bank, including some who were there from the official commencement of the operations on 4th July, 1967. These articles contain the reminiscences of those expatiate staff and are in no way meant to be an official history of the Bank.

It is worthy of note that this year will mark the 50th anniversary of the PNGCB beginning to offer finance to residents of Papua (and) New Guinea to assist them to commence or expand their businesses. We believe that it played an important part of the development of the PNG economy from the time before self-government until several years after the momentous occasion.

We are planning to issue this e-book but no time-frame has been set for that. There are problems in upgrading the old photos to the standard required for the e-book.

We hope that this book will be placed in the Bank’s library and will provide not only information on the history of the development banking in PNG of which your institution now forms such an integral part but will provide inspiration for your staff to continue to fund Papua New Guineans to develop their businesses and thus contribute to the economic development of PNG.

Yours Sincerely, Bruce Dymock”. 

Upon reading the letter, a wave of emotions struck Mr. Liu as it had dawned on him that in a few days, the Bank will celebrate 50 years of operation in the country. 50 years of a meaningful existence that has played a pivotal role in the development of the economy and most importantly helping locals to engage in and expand their businesses.

More so, the contributions of people like Mr. Dymock and Mr. Cole and many others who were there from the beginning and have had a hand in bringing the Bank to where it is today.

How timely the gesture, Mr. Liu thought to himself as he picked up the phone and called Mr. Dymock on that morning………….