The National Development Bank this morning made a small but significant donation towards the Hanuabada Village Fire Appeal to assist families affected by the recent blaze that has left more than 250 villagers homeless.
A cash donation of K10, 000 along with staff donations consisting of clothing along with small household items, mattresses and water containers valued at up to K4, 000 were presented to the victims.
In presenting the items, NDB Managing Director, Moses Liu expressed the Bank’s sympathy towards the victims of the fire.
 “Whilst we cannot escape the tragedies that creep in to our lives unexpectedly, fires are no exception and no one should ever go through what you have had to deal with, in having their homes gutted and left homeless.
“Our coming here, like many others who have come before us and still to come, is to show our support and remind you that you are not alone.  
 “It is sad to lose everything we own, to part with years of memories, our belongings, our identity and sense of belonging, but the things we own do not diminish who we are inside. They say the worst situation sometimes brings out the best in us and others.
“We may not be able to change what has happened, but we can change today to make a better tomorrow, one day at a time.” Mr. Liu reaffirmed.
Mr. Liu highlighted that NDB as the people’s Bank looked beyond finances of people and worked with communities within the country and takes note of humanitarian cases.  
“We hope that our small donation will help make a difference in your lives and give you renewed strengthand fortitude to overcome this calamity,” Mr. Liu said.
Speaking on behalf of the villagers was Reverend Jacob Harry, United Church Superintendent Minister for Poreporena who thanked the Bank for their timely support.
He said the donation will go a long way to assisting the victims of Poreporena village to rebuilding their lives and getting it back on track.

NDB Managing Director, Moses Liu presenting a cheque of K10, 000 to Rev. Jacob Harry of the Hanuabada Village Fire Appeal Committee as members of NDB’s Management look on.