Vadavada settlement within the Moresby South electorate of the National Capital District receives Tuffa tank as an early Christmas gift from NDB staff initiative.
An initiative that has been funded by staff of NDB at our head office through numerous fundraising activities over the last nine month which has seen funds being raised to a total of K7, 000 to fund a project to help the wider community.

The Vadavada settlement community was selected after a thorough survey noted that, it is home to more than 800 residents and has been experiencing ongoing issues surrounding water supply for almost eight years.

Vadavada community leaders, Mr. John Pea said, “The tank answers the need for the whole community and on behalf of all the community leaders here, I would like to thank NDB.”
NDB is also involved in a lot of other activities to try and give back as much as we can to the people under the bank’s corporate social responsibility initiative”
NDB Managing Director, Moses Liu said “NDB is about helping people to become financially independent and improve their living standards as well as contribute towards the growth of our country’s economy and this event is a significant example as it’s the first of its kind for NDB

NDB Staff and NDB Managing Director Mr. Moses Liu with Pastor Jeremiah Wambu of the Vadavada Community.