Bad road condition has posed a challenge to villagers within the Konoalgil LLG to start up PMV businesses to better serve their transportation needs.

A scenario for Sumsum, a remote village within the Namatanai District of New Ireland province, whereby women and men tussle a 2 hour walk under the killing heat of the monstrous sun or the trembling downpour of the rain just to reach the nearest bus stop in order to hitch a 3 - 4 hour PMV ride to sell their local produce at the local market.

A smile of relief was seen as a gesture amongst villagers within the Haus Bung during the launch of Taff clan’s new truck, a truck that will be a relief to the Sumsum community. Edward Tabunwala, owner of Taff clan expressed gratitude towards NDB, explaining that the financial support given in the purchasing of the truck will be of great service to the Sumsum community because at the moment there are only two trucks providing transportation services to villages within the Konoalgil LLG and this will be bonus count to three.

He added that in most cases villagers usually go to the market to sell their produce once every two weeks depending entirely on the road condition and availability of two other trucks from the other nearby villages but with this new truck, the Sumsum community can now go every day to sell their produce at the market.

Mr Tabunwala said, “The truck is a relief not only to him as the owner but the community as a whole, women especially mothers going to sell their produce at the market would no longer worry about walking 60km along the long stretch of badly conditioned road but  instead be picked up in the village.”

NDB officer, Pauline Sabadi who was present to officiate the launching of the truck also took time out to carry out awareness on NDB products and services. Mrs Sabadi said, “With the little income generated, it can be utilised to sought help through NDB to generate more income in order to improve livelihood given the remoteness and limited access to goods and services”

A youth representative, Fidelis Tulok acknowledged the awareness noting it was a first of its kind to be carried out in such a remote village and it was informative.

TOP: Edward Tabunwala receiving the truck keys from NDB Loans Officer Pauline Sabadi