People requiring blood transfusion die every day and this may be due to fatal accidents, medical operation cases, lack of the correct blood type when they do not have timely access to safe blood.

Port Moresby General Hospital blood bank staff has been the forefront of the ANZ corporate blood drive through the support of corporate houses and institutions within Port Moresby. Their recent visit to the National Development Bank (NDB) saw head office staff from various divisions take part in the voluntary donation of blood as a show of support towards donating healthy blood to save lives.

Daily in hospitals, patients especially women and children require blood transfusion.Port Moresby General Hospital, Community health worker, Susan Heki explained that blood transfusion saves lives and improves health. The need for blood transfusion may arise at any time and it is the hospital’s responsibility to ensure there is adequate blood.
Ms Heki said, “The blood drive aims to gather healthy blood to save as many lives as possible. For males blood transfusion regenerates their blood and helps minimize risks of experiencing heart attacks and stroke.”

The ANZ corporate blood drive began in 2015 seeing the rise in the unavailability of healthy blood that has led to deaths and many patients suffering from ill-health. Hence, an adequate and reliable supply of safe blood can be assured by a stable base of regular, voluntary, unpaid blood donors. More than thirty (30) prominent corporate houses donate blood annually including a few intuitions like ExxonMobil, IBS, UPNG, Air Niugini, Brian Bell and DBTI.

NDB Executive Lending Manager, Trevor Cain said, “I am extremely happy for the staff that have come forward to donate blood and encourage those who have not to join in the next blood your healthy blood can save lives.  This was my first donation in PNG after a long period.  I use to donate back in New Zealand every six months and pleased that I could contribute here”

Most instances, people are reluctant of blood donation due to “trypanophobia” an extreme fear of medical procedures involving injections. This happens due to the overreaction of remembering painful injections memories or anxiety when being pricked by a needle often causing fainting or severe dizziness.
A few tips to consider before donating blood:

NDB Executive Lending Manager, Trevor Cain donating blood to save lives.