Business owners of Inapi family transport business from Inauaia village within the Kairuku – Hiri District of Central province are confident their business will thrive on as long as they are focused.

Despite daily confrontations of huge muddy pot holes, dusty road trips to and fro Port Moresby and few minor mechanical mayhem, the Inapis’ are eager to continue business on a day to day basis.

Mr Inapi said, “The bad road conditions are a health hazard both to the truck and the passengers. The trips are usually 2 hours 55 minutes trips that is one trip in the morning and the last trip in the afternoon, it can be tiring and dusty road is bad for passengers.”

The current PMV business transpired after obtaining a loan from NDB in February 2017.Mrs Inapi recalls enquiring for a loan when she was first looking through the brochures and had a lot of questions to ask.

“I was worried as to how I would meet the requirements but after talking to the Loans officer, I begun to understand the processes involved,” said Mrs Inapi.
The couple mention the PMV business assisted them in a lot of way, most importantly with their two children’s school fees.

Mr Inapi said, “With the little profits we get from the transport business, it has helped us pay our children’s school fee for our two younger children, grades 6 and 8 attending Inauaia Primary School”

The PMV business has not only been seen as benefiting the Inapi family but fellow villagers as well.
Mr Inapi said, “The truck services people along the Hiritano Highway mainly the villages of; Inauaia, Yeki, Eboa, Bebeo,Oriropetana,Inaoae,Inauabui,Babiko,Mou and Rapa.

Inapi family transport business initially began as a retail fuel outlet back in 2015 and with the growth of now the PMV business plans of expansions are underway to obtain a second loan.

The Inapi Family with a NDB Representative after the successful completion of their loan.