Before officially closing the loans book to combine with People’s Micro Bank Limited, NDB branch in Popondetta decides to impact the life of one lucky last customer. Here the staff shares a story of a customer whom they assisted and have successfully obtained his loans before they can put down their pens and cease official business in the province.

“The client’s name is Besso Urau Amoko a retired police officer who served the force for over forty-five (45) years,” said Gordon Jewa, Loans officer Popondetta branch.

After serving all over the country, Amoko spent the last 21 years of his career serving the people in the Oro Province of Papua New Guinea. Amoko is originally from the Baimuru District in the Gulf province. When he finally retired from the Royal Papua New Guinea Constabulary (RPNGC), he decided to remain in Popondetta and do business as he regard the place his second home.
“With his retirement entitlements, Amoko approached the NDB Popondetta for loan assistance to purchase a PMV,” Jewa said.

Because the Popondetta branch is currently going through the trialling of the co-location of NDB/PMBL in the province, the staffs work as fast as they can to assist him.
“His application was processed without further delay and submitted for approval in December last year (2018),” Jewa said. His request for loan was approved and his Motor Vehicle (bus) got funded in February this year (2019).

The supplier could not release the bus on time as they had run out of stocks thus had caused the delay. Finally, the supplier had made the stock available and he was allocated one.
Amoko picked up his bus at Oro Bay Wharf on May 13, 2019.
“Amoko had been patient despite the long delay and at last he receives his bus with a smile,” Jewa added.

This will be the last and final loan funding for NDB Popondetta Branch in the bank’s chapter being NDB Ltd as a whole. “Popondetta branch had closed its business of writing and funding loans with Amoko and this will be remembered in the bank’s history. The bank as a whole would like to congratulate Amoko on his successful obtaining of the loan and the bus and acknowledge the staffs that are behind this all."

Meanwhile, NDB’s Executive Manager Lending Trevor Cain explained that at this stage, the Popondetta Branch is not closing down. “At this stage, it is not closing down however we are trialling a co-location of NDB/PMBL to rationalise the current duplication of services.” Cain said Popondetta is a limited market and both brands were chasing the same customers.  “By combining as one, PMBL will take on all new customers while we reduce the NDB commercial loans down,” he added. 

Cain said the bank will still look at agri lending (pricing) but if the model works, will consider other locations with both brands.

Pictured is Mr. Amoko shaking hands with Popondetta Lending Officer Gordon Jewa. Mr. Amoko is the last customer for NDB Popondetta as the National Development Bank trials the co-location of NDB/PMBL.